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Yocto2 Sample Pack

This is a pack of samples from the Yocto2 I just finished building. All sounds are 100% dry and straight out of the machine. This is a clone of the Roland TR-808 (and the Boss PC-2) so these are essentially "pure" 808 sounds. I've also included a longer audio clip of the PC-2 sounds. This thing has a wide range of tones you can pull from it so I just tweaked knobs and mashed my drum pad while I recoded to see what I could get from it. Chop it up all you like! 

Donations will go towards more builds and more sample packs! Your support is very appreciated!  :D 

If you'd like to build a Yocto of your own, head to e-licktronic.com and check out their stuff! 

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Yocto2 Sample Pack

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